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.com $10.99
.net $14.99
.org $14.95
.us $6.00
.biz $22.50
Starting at only $6.00 per yr
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WordPress Cloud

OctaDot Low Price
per month
  • Niche Site WordPress Provisioning   
  • Hosted On The OctaDot Cloud and optimized for WordPress
  • 99.% Up Time Money Back Guarantee, monitored with our up time monitoring system
  • Optimized Niche Site hosting for  WordPress Cloud
  • Double The Page Load Speed & includes free WordPress page builder
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ClientExec Cloud

OctaDot Low Price
per month/Incl. License
  • Realtime ClientExec Provisioning
  • Host Billing Automation, automate your Niche hosting business
  • Register Niche Domains with free registrar plugins
  • Sell Niche Hosting through OctaDot Hosting Reseller Plan
  • free Client Exec License with every ce cloud subscription
  • Most reliable Optimized Client Exec Cloud
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PHp fusion Cloud

OctaDot Low Price
per month/Unlimited Traffic
  • Realtime Php Fusion Provisioning
  • Pure (SSD) for blazing fast php fusion page load speeds
  • Unlimited Traffic to your php fusion  Niche community
  • free cPanel License to manage your php fusion files
  • Lowest priced php fusion cloud hosting provider
  • most reliable php fusion cloud hosting  
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phpBB Cloud

OctaDot Low Price
per month/ Unlimited Traffic
  • Realtime phpbb forum provisioning 
  • Pure (SSD) for blazing fast phpbb page load speeds
  • Unlimited Traffic to your Niche phpbb forum community
  • Most reliable phpbb forum hosting provider
  • Only On staff phpbb forum customer support  
  • 22x faster phpbb page speeds with free forever octaboost
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You can Pre Purchase niche sites for just $799. All sites will include 100% unique content, on and off page seo, and will be changed to your affiliate links

We are experienced in the selling of niche sites that actually earn revenue. We know what to look for when choosing the proper niches that sell products.

Order a custom built niche website and we will deliver in just 14 days. That includes 2500 words of content, pics, on and off page seo. WOW That is fast turn around!

Number of investors we have contact with who purchase niche websites that are currently earning $5,000 or more. You will also have a personal account manager.

Why Choose OctaDot for your next niche site investment?

You have many choices when in search of Sites that earn money. You can choose from thousands of sites on popular online domain and website auctions. You also run the risk of getting burned. It happens every day. We've heard stories of investors getting burned for over $600,000 in one transaction. When you purchase a niche website from OctaDot, we have developed most sites we sell.

We have a development team working seven days a week doing everything from niche research, conversion research, website design, content and keyword research, content writing, and then our off page seo team performs link building strategies to get our sites indexed and ranking in the shortest amount of time possible.

 We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality. We have a check list we go by, once it's complete we go back over it again to ensure we did not skip anything. We double check each other to ensure that every task is successfully and correctly completed.

In short, we take pride in each and every niche website we develop. Who knows, we may decide to stop selling these sites one day and these will be our income that we rely on. We wish to sell you our client nothing less than a site we would personally keep in our own portfolio.   

Quality Websites
Websites for sale earning cash right now! 
Data Center
Seo Services
We offer continued SEO Services to all clients who purchase a website from us. Lowest priced professional seo services for all current clients. 
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Website Brokerage
We have investors looking to buy websites currently earning cash. If you have a website earning over $500/mo ask us how we can help you sell your site. Must have 6 months minimum traffic and earnings verification.
Start Knowledgebase
Starter Websites
Wand to begin investing in profitable websites at a fraction of the cost? Buy one of our starter sites. These are sites that are young and just need time and ongoing seo techniques to earn thousands per month. 
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Michael Jones

Satisfied Client 2 Sites Sold
I recently contacted OctaDot to assist me in selling three websites I have owned for a little over two years. One was making about $500/mo, another $2500/mo, and one that was earning over $12,500 per month. I was a bit hesitant. To my surprise they contacted me back and had located an investor to purchase two of my websites. The offer presented was a very fair and acceptable offer. OctaDot helped me sell my 2/3 of my websites within 30 days. I could not be more happy with quality of service I received from Chris and his team.   
Thank you OctaDot

Matt Short

♡ happy client
We have purchased five sites from OctaDot and are very very happy! I believe we invested a total of $19,000 and have already gotten all of that back in less than one year. The service provided is far better than any in the industry. I have recently hired them to manage my ongoing seo. After two months I have noticed the increase in sales and traffic. These guys know websites!

Tina Jones

♡ happy client
WE use OctaDot for our Whmcs hosting. From the time of signup, they installed whmcs automatically, which saved me a few hundred dollars on a developer. We recently invested into one of their starter niche sites. We have owned it about a year now, it's currently earning between $800-$1300 per month. Very good ROI. We paid $1,499.